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***Please Note:  Due to the high demand for our services and the multitude of novice/unethical people looking for money (which includes many "brokers"), only serious and solvent people and/or projects grab our attention.  After you submit a project properly, we will release our telephone numbers and all contact information to you. We pride ourselves on the excellent professional services provided to our clients who stretch across the world.  We have been in business for decades to assist people and groups who are worthy of being funded.***

The parent company of Global Star Capital, Global Star Talent Inc. was incorporated in it's existing format within the State of Florida (certificates on file)--see Company History. Our founder constantly travels and meets with clients world wide.

Therefore, despite constantly meeting new clients and seeing their projects first hand on location, we additionally have two servicing offices for clients on Hilton Head Island SC USA (Folly Field) and in Nassau Bahamas (in conjunction with our corporate attorney) plus a mailing location on Hilton Head Island SC as our office is in a secured building. We also have several designated meeting locations around the globe which can be found listed in the FAQ's section.

As stated above, we will release all contact information once a project is submitted properly. This is our way to assure our clients necessary time and dedication to servicing them.  We cannot become inundated with lesser grade projects which would only take time away from servicing solvent clients.

Countries from which we will consider projects from include: United States, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, The Bahamas, Brazil, Panama, Singapore, India, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Montenegro, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Indonesia, New Zealand, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, South Africa, Portugal, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Iceland, Netherlands, Thailand, Mongolia, Cameroon, Philippines, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Columbia, Malaysia, Qatar, Belgium, Grenada, Suriname plus Trinidad and Tobagoand and others by request, in fact we have done work in over 100 countries.

Global Star Capital welcomes all solvent project principals to begin their relationship with our firm by following the direction in the OUR PROCESS section.